Enterprise Site License (as applied to SaaS, Software as a Service)
The Enterprise license allows the use of CheckPrixa's MICR Font by any one within your organization. The Enterprise license also allows any one within your organization to embed the MCR font into a PDF file, XPS file, or other document.

This license also applies to companies that release thier software as a SaaS (Software as a Service). In this case, the Enterprise License (for either Windows or Linux / Unix) allows the deployment and embedding of the font in a single SaaS product implemented by the company / organization that license the font. Each additional SaaS product will require an additional Enterprise License.

Furthermore, there is a restriction of 500 customers for the SaaS Enterprise License. This means that if the MICR Font is deployed in a SaaS, an additional enterprise license will be required for every 500 customers that have signed up or subscribed to the SaaS product.