2D Barcode Generator

CheckPrixa 2D Barcode Generator is capable of generating high resolution barcode images of DataMatrix, PDF417, QR and MICRO QR 2D symbologies. These images may be inserted into third party applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign or Google Docs for further processing and print production.

2D barcodes are able to store a lot more data than their 1D conterparts and are more resistant to damage. The error correction codes that are embedded into them enable the scanner to reconstruct the symbol data in the event of corruption.

CheckPrixa is a barcode generator software that caters to all your 2D barcodes creation needs. Its simplicity and flexibility lets you generate 2d barcodes flawlessly with minimal effort and learning.



  • DataMatrix, PDF417, QR and Micro QR Barcode Generator.
  • Supports flexible image size.
  • Square and Rectangular Shapes for DataMatrix.
  • Supports FNC1 Prefix for GS1 DataMatrix barcode generation.
  • Ability to specify Row Height and Columns in PDF417 barcode.
  • Allows Truncation and multiple Error Correction Levels (ECC) for PDF417.
  • Reed-Solomon Error Correction Levels L,M,Q,H implemented for QR Code.
  • Option to select Masking Patterns for QR Code.
  • Barcode Rotation of 90, 180 and 270 degress.
  • Generates images in PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and WMF format.
  • Ease of use. Create barcode right away.



2D Barcodes


DataMatrix is a 2 dimensional barcode arranged in a matrix that is made up of tiny square elements. It may be square or rectangle in shape and consists of two solid edges forming an "L" pattern to help the scanner properly locate the barcode.

The DataMatrix Barcode includes error correction codes to improve the robustness of the symbol. This enables a damaged barcode to be reconstructed and read by the scanner.

In general, a larger barcode will be able to encode more information (store a larger number of characters within it). CheckPrixa Barcode Generator includes an Autosizing Feature that selects the matrix size according to the quantity of data that is entered by the user. This ensures the barcode will be encoded properly without loss of information.


PDF 417 or Portable Data File 417 is a multiple row, stacked barcode that is capable of storing a large amount of data. The symbol supports nine error correction levels from 0 to 8. This symbology has been used for encoding data in driving licenses, boarding pass and identification cards.

CheckPrixa barcode maker lets the user choose the Row Height from 1x to 10x and Data Columns from 1 to 30. It also implements the Truncated option, which when selected, gives a smaller sized barcode at the expense of error correction capability.


QR or Quick Response code is invented by the Japanese Corporation Denso Wave. It is oriignally used for tracking items in the automobile and various industries. QR is a matrix based symbology, consisting of back and white square elements arranged in a square pattern. The finder patterns located at three corners help the scanner locate the size and position of the barcode. The standard ISO/IEC 18004:2006 currently specifies the requirements for encoding the QR Code.

CheckPrixa's implementation allows user's specification of Mask pattern from 0 to 7, and Error Correction Levels L, M, Q, or H.

Micro QR

Micro QR is a variant of the QR code that encodes a smaller amount of data. It takes up a much smaller amount of physical space than QR and includes only one corner finder pattern (instead of three).

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Download CheckPrixa 2D Barcode Generator Demo

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 , 8 or 10
  • 512 MB Memory

Download Demo

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Note: The Demo version will place a "DEMO" watermark in the center of the generated barcodes. To remove this restriction, you will need to purchase the full version from the links above.